When it comes to pool covers, you have a lot of options: solar, bubbles, automatic, safety… the list is endless. What are you supposed to choose? Well, the pool cover with the most benefits are the solar pool covers (also known as bubble pool covers). When they are used effectively, a solar cover does more than just add a layer of “bubble wrap” to your pool. The number of advantages these covers offer are extensive.

Heating Your Water

If you choose to heat your pool, the cost can be quite expensive, ranging from $200-$600 a month! This is why a lot of pool owners opt out of installing a traditional pool heater. However, by simply adding a solar pool cover to your pool during the summer, you can raise the temperature of 10°-15° just by harnessing the power of the sun (just make sure the bubbles are face down to be most effective). If you already have a pool heater and are looking to lower your heating costs, adding a solar cover you can save up to 50%-70% off your heating bill when your pool is not in use.

Reducing Energy Costs

The great thing about bubble pool covers is not only do they heat your water, but they do so in an environmentally friendly way at no additional cost (except the pool cover). With other types of pool heaters on the market, you are forced to consume electric or gas to run it. With a solar powered heater, you’re eliminating your reliance on these fuels. Not only is this great for the environment, but it’s great for your bank account as well. If you’re pool is in direct sunlight for most of the day, then your pool heating needs could be entirely taken care of by installing a solar pool cover.

Save Money on Chemicals & Water

Did you know the major reason for having to rebalance your chemicals in your pool is because of evaporation? According to the Department of Energy, the biggest reason for heat (energy) loss in swimming pools is caused by evaporation. Naturally when water is exposed to heat, water turns into gas and enters the atmosphere. By installing a solar pool cover you’re creating a barrier between your pool water and the heat, which allows more water to return to your pool. This means less time consuming chemical balancing, and saves you money on refilling the water that escaped.

Blocks Debris

How many times have you gone out to enjoy a weekend swim with the family, only to find out piles of leaves, twigs, and bugs have entered your water. This not only is not fun to deal with, but it can be time consuming. Installing a solar pool cover acts as a preventative layer between your pool and mother nature.

Extending the Swimming Season

By insulating your pool with a solar cover, you’re going to end up keeping the temperature of your pool higher for a longer period, then if you left it uncovered. What does this mean? The water stays warmer later into the pool season, leading to longer swim times, and an extended season. Depending on temperatures in your area, you may be able to extend it well into fall.